Prosperity Pocket Orgonite

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Prosperity Pocket Orgonite

Price: € 48.00 (includes shipping)

The Prosperity Pocket Orgonite is a valuable helping tool that brings positive changes in your life. It works through unblocking the solar plexus and the heart energy centers (chakras), making you open to accepting the riches of life. For that matter, prosperity may manifest in your life in many different ways. It may come either as material goods or even as the awareness of the things that hold you back from enjoying life.

In every case, your interaction with this particular orgonite will give you the energy you need, clearing the way until you harmonize with the best version of your life!


Recommended for:

- Periods that you feel your life is “stuck” and you need some positive energy boosting.

- Attracting wealth, material and spiritual.

- Working with your 3rd (solar plexus) and 4th (heart) chakras.

Usage specifications for greater results:

- Ideally, you can put the pocket orgonite in your left pocket, to the side of the spiral coil (base) resting on your body.

- Due to small size, this orgonite's range is not very wide, so it is better to carry it on you than to leave it somewhere it will not come into direct contact with your aura.

Technical characteristics


High quality epoxy resin, filings (brass), 24K gold, copper spiral, 3 different kinds of gemstones in specific order.

Measurements app. (may vary slightly due to handmade manufacturing):

- Base diameter:  6,3 cm  (app. 2.5 inches)

- Thickness: 1,5 cm  (app. 0.6 inches)


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