Orgonite Pendant of Kabeiroi

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Orgonite Pendant of Kabeiroi

Price: € 85.00 (includes shipping)

This very special orgonite pendant contains quartz stone from the area of the “Temple of the Great Gods” of the Hellenic island of Samothrace, and is enriched with a handmade silver symbol of the two serpents, based on an ancient design found near the temple.

The particular energy complexion of this site was what prompted us to explore and interact consciously with the area. Our work there was what gave us the necessary inspiration to create the Pendant of Kabeiroi!

As a result of the combination of the crystalline rock of Samothrace with the ancient symbol of the two serpents braided together, is the undeniable sense of Completion and Inner Peace that derives from the effortless understanding of the Cosmos and fills, almost from the start, the one who will choose to wear this pendant. Moreover, it brings a feeling of positive grounding and simultaneous release of anything unnecessary. It is the creative “quiet power” emanating from the depths of Gaia!



Regarding the symbol of the two serpents, it was found in an excavation on the Island of Samothrace and was associated with the Kabeiria Mysteries, while it is considered from ancient times as a symbol of fertility. The symbol is also associated with similar idols, such as the Snake Goddess found in Crete.
In general, the serpent is one of the most concise archetypal notions, as we find in many ancient and contemporary cultural systems. It has been connected with life energy, sexual energy, the dipole, knowledge, transformation, protection, immortality, the feminine principle, evil (in the sense of entrapment of the energy  into matter), as well as good (in the sense of liberation of energy from the physical limitations), the primary cosmic energy, healing, completeness, the Wheel of Life, the Tree of Life and many more, while we find infinite implications of symbolism if we analyze each of the above separately.


Recommended for:

- Energy alignment with the natural cycle of life.

- Unblocking and wise management of the sexual energy.

- Forming and conscious expression of abstract ideas and/or energy states.

- Grounding for people who have difficulty in controlling their adrenaline and thus manifest anxiety disorder, panic attacks etc.

- People who are single and want to feel complete without necessarily having a partner.

- Creative work and inspiration. Ideal for artists, researchers, scientists and more!

Usage specifications for greater results:

- Ideally, to be worn at heart height with the spiral against the chest – inside or outside clothing makes no difference.

- Preferably, do not wear at the same time with other pendants made of metal (such as gold, silver etc.)

Technical characteristics


High quality epoxy resin, metal filings (copper), copper spiral, quartz stone of Samothrace, one more gemstone in specific order, handmade silver ornament (silver 925).

Measurements app. (may vary slightly due to handmade manufacturing):

- Base diameter: 3,7 cm (app. 1.46 inches)

- Thickness: 1,3 cm (app. 0.51 inches)


It comes with an easy-to-adjust black leather cord.


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