“Helios” Cosmic Orgonite Pendant

Orgonite Products - Pendants

“Helios” Cosmic Orgonite Pendant

Price: € 67.00 (includes shipping)

This very special pendant is constructed in order to help people align with the riches of the Universe, riches that can be spiritual, and also be translated as material goods. In addition, it helps you to keep inner balance so that you can own what you want without falling into the trap of greed. It is ideal for people who require more energy in order to express themselves in a more dynamic way.

All gemstones used in it are famous for their auspicious and protective attributes.

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Orgonite Pendant of Kabeiroi

Orgonite Products - Pendants

Orgonite Pendant of Kabeiroi

Price: € 85.00 (includes shipping)

This very special orgonite pendant contains quartz stone from the area of the “Temple of the Great Gods” of the Hellenic island of Samothrace, and is enriched with a handmade silver symbol of the two serpents, based on an ancient design found near the temple.

The particular energy complexion of this site was what prompted us to explore and interact consciously with the area. Our work there was what gave us the necessary inspiration to create the Pendant of Kabeiroi!

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