Terminator Zapper (by Don Croft)

Zappers - Zappers

Terminator Zapper

Price: € 168.00 (includes shipping)

The world’s biggest selling zapper… Don Croft’s "Terminator" is here!

[This model is constructed in the U.S.A. by Don Croft.]

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Mini Basic Zapper

Zappers - Zappers

Mini Basic Zapper

Price: € 48.00 (includes shipping)

The most handy and inexpensive Zapper you will find! It’s so small that you can easily use it anywhere: at home, at work, while taking a walk outside, while sleeping etc. Moreover, it makes a perfect gift that will delight your friends with its originality and effectiveness.

[This model is manufactured in the U.S.A. by Indians of the Lakota tribe. By buying this Zapper you are supporting the effort for financial independence and for preserving the tradition of the Native American tribes. These particular Zappers are made according to Don Croft’s instructions and it was he who urged us to favor them as the most economical and reliable solution.]

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