Basic Orgonite Pyramid

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Basic Orgonite Pyramid

Price: € 68.00 (includes shipping)

The best tool for mental work! You can keep it on your desk or near your computer. This orgonite has the ideal shape for use during meditation or any other similar activity. You can find the orgonite Pyramid very helpful even in sleep, by placing it under your bed or onto your nightstand. This is the most suitable orgonite for those who want to experiment with astral projection, lucid dreaming, remote viewing, etc.


Recommended for:

- People who need a boost during any kind of work that requires mental clarity.

- Protection and enhancing during meditation, astral traveling, lucid dreaming, remote viewing, etc.

Usage specifications for greater results:

- Have the orgonite Pyramid somewhere near you or on you.

- During sleep, it is better placed under the bed, in the center of your body. Alternatively, you can put it either near your head or your feet.

- During meditation, you can even have your hands placed on the Pyramid, if that suits you.

Technical characteristics


High quality epoxy resin, filings (copper, brass, aluminum), internal copper spiral, 3 different kinds of gemstones in specific order.

Measurements app. (may vary slightly due to handmade manufacturing):

- Base:  11x11cm (app. 4.3x4.3 inches)

- Height: 9 cm (app. 3.5 inches)


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